National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Statement of the Managing Board and Secretariat of Lviv regional branch

National Union of Journalists of Ukraine
Statement of the Managing Board and Secretariat of Lviv regional branch

We, members of Lviv regional NUJU branch, decidedly sign off the position of NUJU head Serhii Tomilenko. He advocates the activity of the downright enemies of Ukraine and their media, who, in contraposition to the entire Ukrainian people, glorify the leader of our enemies, regularly propagandize Sovietness, propagandize those who support the annexation of Crimea and started the war on Donbas, slander the soldiers who give their lives for the independence and territorial integrity of our country. We are confident that any country, any ancestral nation would not bear the lies and outrage poured onto our people from these TV channels fed by Kremlin.

Ukraine is democratic and law-governed country. Only the court of law is to judge a mass-media, considering all pros and contras according to the law and Ukrainian Constitution. But this is not for those who sided with our enemy and wages war by fakes inside the country against one’s own people.

That is why we fully support the decision of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the President’s decree that impose sanctions against the owners and the TV channels who shamelessly lie about Ukrainian realities, Ukraine’s peace-minded policy, who urge Ukrainians to surrender and go under the Russian wing.

NUJU did not authorize the head of the Union to express support of the TV channels that belong to Putin’s compadre Viktor Medvedchuk and were blocked by the decision of NSDC.

These media do not comply to journalist standards. They are just informational soldiers of Kremlin. Propaganda and journalism are different things. In the times of war against Russia all security measures that protect territorial integrity and security of Ukraine are permissible – the more so if they are adopted according to Ukrainian legislation that protects the sovereignty of our country.

Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to heroes!

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ЗАЯВА Правління та Секретаріату Львівської обласної організації Національної спілки журналістів України

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