NABU and SAPO results in the second half of 2020

The past six months became a period of several “first times” for the National Bureau.

For the first time, a joint international special operation on exposing the corruption scheme of an "Ukravtodor" ex-Head was successfully performed. For the first time, the suspect voluntarily transferred UAH 50 million to the budget at the pre-trial investigation stage.

At the same time, we encountered new brutal attempts to interfere with the work of anti-corruption bodies. They include: the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to abolish the provisions of the Law on NABU and electronic declaration, as well as cancelation of criminal liability for submitting false data to the income declarations; the decision of the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv and the District Administrative Court of Kyiv to review the exclusive jurisdiction of NABU to investigate top-corruption; the secret substitution of the group of pre-trial proceedings supervisors by the Prosecutor General on the eve of serving a notice of suspicion and choosing a measure of restraint to the Deputy Head of the Office of the President. All this proves that the corrupt system does not want to give in. However, we will not surrender.

The NABU Detectives and the SAPO Prosecutors are fighting to the end. During the second half of 2020, we sent 35 indictments against 56 persons to the court. Overall, during last year, NABU and SAPO prevented the misappropriation of state-owned enterprises funds and assets worth more than UAH 800 million, and more than UAH1 billion was returned at the stage of pre-trial investigation.


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